Partner and Attraction Update
Some events and attractions may be cancelled due to the escalation of the situation surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19). View the full list of partner and attraction updates here.
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Pay Now, Visit Later

Get an additional $50 towards your travel stay on us.

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I Am Macon

Come see what...and who, makes macon special

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Remembering Little Richard

We are forever grateful to Macon's own, the architect of rock 'n roll.

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Where Soul Lives...

Discover Everything Macon, Georgia has to Offer

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History and Culture Come to Life

Dive Deep Into African Tradition Through Authentic African Art

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Our Soulful History Comes to Life

Come take it all in.

See it in the spring blossoms of 350,000 Yoshino cherry trees. Sip it from the frosted mug of our local craft breweries. Experience it on a kayak floating down the Ocmulgee River, hiking ancient Indian mounds and touring an 18,000 square foot Italian Renaissance Revival mansion. Hear it through the soulful sounds of our rich music heritage. This is a Southern adventure that is sure to be good for your soul.

The Big House Museum

See where the Allman Brothers lived, worked and played.

Artistic & Soulful

See the sights of downtown, smell the aroma of cherry blossoms and soul food, hear music from artists who redefined the industry, and feel all of the excitement, heart, and history in Macon, Georgia. From street art, to majestic architecture, Macon has it all!

More for Art Lovers

Historic & Inspiring

Macon, Georgia has a rich and diverse history whose origin is traced back over 17,000 years ago, as different tribes of Native Americans lived on the site that is now the Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park. Macon is named after North Carolina statesman Nathaniel Macon, Come...

Discover More History

Step Back in Time

At the Hay House, a stunning historical landmark in the heart of Macon, Georgia At the Hay House, a...