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This is Macon

Visit Macon, Georgia for a Southern adventure that is sure to be good for your soul! Rich history, incredible architecture, stunning Southern charm, and a soulful musical heritage have branded Macon "Where Soul Lives". 

Only in Macon can you: hike at ancient Indian mounds and enter into North America's only reconstructed earth lodge, tour the 18,000 square foot, 7-story Italian Renaissance Revival mansion known as the "Palace of The South", immerse yourself in musical history by taking a "Free Birds & Night Owls" or "Rock n’ Roll Stroll" tour, or explore the Southeast's largest collection of African-American art, history, and culture.

Experience the soul of Macon using our Self-Guided Tour App. 

See the sights that helped create this thing we call 'soul' on a Guided Van Tour of Macon. From architectural masterpieces to the places that inspired musical legends, this tour is a can't-miss!

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Macon, Georgia

Things To Do In Macon

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From Otis Redding to the Allman Brothers Band, Macon has been called home to several famous artists throughout the years. You can visit the Big House Museum and walk through the home of some of the band members from 1970 - 1973 or you can visit the bronze…
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Home of some of the best Southern food around, Macon has an array of unique local restaurants. H&H Soul Food, known for Mama Louise’s and Mama Inez’s generosity to up & coming Southern Rock band the Allman Brothers Band, has been serving up their famous…
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From having a National Historic Landmark to having National Monument, Macon is the home to several historic places. The Hay House built in the late 1850s is an 18,000-square-foot mansion mansion known for its beautiful architecture and rich history. The…
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Featured Events

Jul 28 - 29

Bragg Jam 2017

July 28 - 29. The last Saturday of July is Macon, Georgia's ultimate summer music festival where, rain or shine, 80+ bands take on 20+ stages and put on one unforgettable shows after another in a jam-packed, country, rock, blues, electronic and soul-infused...

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Aug 26

Macon Beer Festival 2017

The Macon Beer Festival is a Pints for Prostates event. Its goal is to promote awareness and education of prostate cancer to the community through the universal language of beer. This fun beer festival showcases downtown Macon, while promoting a good...

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Aug 27

International Taste of...

The Tubman Museum invites you on a culinary journey at the museum during the International Taste of Soul.

Travel from Africa to Asia, South America and beyond as we take you on a culinary journey – one that will tantalize your taste buds.
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Sep 16 - 17

Ocmulgee Indian...

The third weekend in September welcomes one of the largest Native American gatherings in the Southeast as more than 200 craftsmen, dancers, storytellers, living history demonstrators and others with ties to the region return to Ocmulgee National Monument in Macon, Georgia. Named one of the Top 20...

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Macon Blog

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Somewhere on the wall of the kindergarten classroom of my mind there hangs a poster. It’s printed in garish primary colors, dinged by errant building blocks and its title is written in Comic Sans, the favored font of boat owners and party planning…
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Just across the street from the Macon-Bibb Convention and Visitors Bureau, I take a turn down an alley that splits Cherry and Poplar Streets to find myself at the foot of a small stream.
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Starting August 18, you can fly from Macon to Washington, D.C. Contour Airlines and Middle Georgia Regional Airport are partnering together to provide commercial flights in Macon once again.
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