The first thing a girl thinks about after getting engaged is, of course, the dress. The second is where the wedding itself will be held, and the third? The reception site, of course. For couples tying the knot in the spring - also known as cherry blossom season in these parts - Macon is an ideal destination. In March and early April, the 300,000 Yoshino cherry trees throughout Macon are in varying stages of bloom and for a brief, sparkling moment, the entire city is awash in pink, with a backdrop of blue skies and typically temperate weather.

Ladies, start your Pinterest engines - the wedding style pundits have spoken, and 2017 is a lock. With another bridal fashion week behind us and surges of inspiration ranging from trickled-down traditions to scene-stealing pastels, brides still in the planning stages have a veritable bouquet of options to choose from. Here are 10 spring and fall 2017 wedding trends to watch for:

In thousands of years of continuous habitation of one sort or another by humans who are, by their nature, both fiercely and wonderfully made, you can be sure an enigma or two is going to get made, wrapped up in a riddle, and eventually buried. And no doubt, such secrets are more plentiful at the Ocmulgee National Monument than the very leaves on the trees.

I am carefully traversing the access road from the Ocmulgee National Monument Visitor Center to the park’s main attraction – the mysterious ancient mounds that rise majestically from the earth upon which they are constructed. Though my trusty little Nissan Versa is neither loud nor imposing, I am driving slowly and with some care, lest a doe and her young, a wee woodland critter or a fellow human, hiking along the 5 miles of marked trails, should dart out in front of me unexpectedly.