From Monday to Sunday, Maconites can indulge in $5 burgers from their favorite local restaurants for Macon Burger Week.

15 participating restaurants, including Bearfoot Tavern, El Camino, Fatty's Pizza and Ocmulgee Brewpub, have all created new and original burgers just for the event.

During the week, you can pickup a passport at a participating location and collect stamps at each restaurant as you try each burger.

Kaytlyn Malia, the director of industry information and public relations for the Georgia Beef Board, said they've been working on the event since February.

While Ocmulgee Brewpub and The Rookery are known for their burgers, the lineup also includes nontraditional restaurants, like Felicia's Cake Factory.

"Macon really thrives on burgers and what's been really cool for this event is seeing the restaurants that don't normally have burgers create a burger for this event," said Malia.

With a diverse list of restaurants, there are wacky ingredients thrown into the mix, like donuts, meatloaf, tzatziki sauce and even quesadillas.

Malia has worked on the same event in Atlanta and Savannah and said she loves seeing the communities and restaurants come together for a week.

"We knew with Macon having the restaurant scene it does and all the burgers that it does, that it was time to bring this event here," Malia said.

Malia said it's been special bringing the event to the city she lives in.

"It's been so exciting to see the buzz. Now we've had this event on Facebook posted for a few weeks now and we got over a 1000 people excited," Malia said. "Just even today people sharing it, restaurants sharing their burger again, inviting people to come and try it. We've seen lots of people printing off their passports, walking around downtown getting in the restaurants and getting their first stamp in their passport."

Malia said the event is a great way for people to revisit their favorite restaurants as well as try out new ones.


Pick up a passport at a participating location, or download and print your passport from the Macon Burger Week website.
Get your passport stamped at each location whenever you order a Macon Burger Week burger.
Vote for your favorite burger on the Macon Burger Week website.

If you get five stamps or more, you can mail your passport to the Georgia Beef Board at P.O. Box 28230, Macon, GA, 31221 by August 31 for a chance to win some prizes.