Macon is known for having restaurants with soul. Many of our unique dining experiences not only have delicious food, but a good story that goes with these great dishes. Luckily, while our food is rich in flavor, it's also easy on the wallet. So we present the 5 Best Dishes in Macon that are under $5 (in no particular order).

1. A slice from Ingleside Village Pizza.
Whether you like your pizza plain or you prefer the ultimate village, a slice of pizza from Ingleside Village Pizza will be filling and cheap. A slice of pizza ranges from $2.00 - $3.50.

Ingleside Village Pizza Slices 

2. The Southern Deviled Eggs from Dovetail.
This starter dish is great for people who want a little taste of a southern dish before the entree comes. Guests from around the country rave about Dovetail's deviled eggs which include Dukes mayo, poblano relish, and smoked paprika. These treats will only set you back $3.00.

Dovetail's Deviled Eggs 

3. A Nu-Way Weiner...or two.
The famous Nu-Way Weiners serves up plenty of dishes, but are mainly known for their chilli dogs. One will cost you $1.89, but if you order 2, you'll still come out under $5! While the downtown location may be temporarily closed for repairs, there are various other locations throughout the area. 

Nu-Way Weiners 

4. Georgia Bob's Barbecue Sandwich.
Georgia Bob's knows how to do pulled pork, especially in sandwich form. A pulled pork sandwich from Georgia Bob's is only $3.49! Choose a side of pickles or a bag of chips, and your meal is still under $5! 

Georgia Bob's Pulled Pork 

5. The Spicy Pimento Cheese Dip from The Rookery. technically this dish isn't under $5. It's listed as $5 flat on the menu, and with tax, you'll go a little over, but it's definitely worth it. The pimento cheese, a favorite dish of Southerners, along with the jalapenos and bacon, creates a combination of flavor that's unmatched. And it comes with homemade chips for dipping!

Rookery Spicy Pimento Cheese Dip