The public art scene is flourishing in Macon. With each passing year, artists — including myself — install more murals, sculptures and other works of art throughout the city. Macon’s natural beauty is already capturing millions of views on TikTok, but its public displays of creativity also make for a perfect backdrop on any form of social media — whether you’re dancing on TikTok or curating your grid on Instagram. On your next trip to Macon, check out some of my favorite public art displays, keep your camera in hand, and tag me, @mamahawkdraws, in your Instagram posts, so I can see your adventures! Be sure to also tag @visitmacon and use the hashtags #VisitMacon, #WhereSoulLives, and #MaconMemories so you can be featured on their profile.

1. Cherry Street crosswalk mural 

543 Cherry St.

We’ll start at the center of downtown. If you’re driving, you’ll want to get out of the car because this public art is on the road. I designed and painted the Cherry Street mural in partnership with Bike Walk Macon to encourage drivers to slow down for pedestrians in the crosswalk. A bit of music history is integrated into the mural. The music notes are from the song “Southern Child” by Little Richard, Macon’s native son.

Photo Credit: Mason Mishael

2. Peace sculpture
588 Mulberry St.

One block over you’ll find a sculpture of a hand making a peace sign. The sculptor, Alex Mendez, has several pieces featured in the Macon Sculpture Walk, but this is my favorite. The gesture is universally recognized, and there’s a certain tension with having a peace sign adjacent to where a statue of a Confederate soldier stood until recently. 

Photo Credit: Rachel Umana

3. MTA Transfer Station mural 

200 Cherry St.

This stop actually is home to several murals. Two of my favorites are “A Celebration of Grace” by Mary Frances Burt and “Spirit of Macon” by Abraham Abebe. “A Celebration of Grace” features three women holding hands amid flowers in a variety of calming colors. Meanwhile, I love the bright colors of “Spirit of Macon.” The design is bent around the walls, and you can even climb part of it, immersing yourself in the art. 

Photo Credit: Erin Hawkins(Mama Hawk Draws)

4. Welcome to Macon mural

450 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Located on the back of the Visit Macon Downtown Visitors Center, this mural is perfectly situated for visitors as they stop in for the 411 on Macon, and also encourages locals to venture out on foot and play tourist in their hometown. To see it, walk down the alley and duck behind the building. The mural by Colin Penndorf quickly tells you everything that’s iconic about Macon, from the Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park to the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Photo Credit: Colin Penndorf

5. Jones Cafe mural
1389 Jefferson St.

Over in Pleasant Hill is the mural “No Church in the Wild” by Kevin Lewis. Painted on the side of Jones Cafe, a blighted building being reimagined into a neighborhood asset, the mural illustrates beauty and resilience emanating from a young girl. I love how the art is helping beautify an area that’s not typically seen as beautiful. The mural is across the street from Booker T. Washington Community Center, a gathering place for Macon youth, who have their own beauty and resilience within them.

Photo Credit: Dsto Moore

I hope you enjoyed this tour of just some of Macon’s wonderful public art, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to DM me on Instagram, or shoot me an email at to tell me what you think!