If you live in Macon, you know it's where the soul of Georgia lives. You'd be hard-pressed not to find something to love about our hometown. While Macon has countless activities to have fun-filled days, we've compiled a few of the many reasons why Macon is a great place to live!

Festivals Galore!
Macon has festivals for every season! From our largest festival, the International Cherry Blossom Festival to our other festivals including the Mulberry Street Arts Festival, Fired Works, the Pan-African Festival, Bragg Jam, Macon Film Festival, and the Ocmulgee Indian Celebration. Because we love to celebrate, we have newer festivals to add to our calendar, including the Make-End Maker Festival and the Georgia Wellness & Fitness Festival.

A City Within a Park
Macon is often referred to as a "City Within a Park." Our wide avenues helped create this moniker. We have an extensive network of community parks and walking trails that allow residents and visitors to experience Macon's natural beauty.

Farmers and Craft Markets
Macon's hidden gems are our Farmers and Crafts Markets and they provide plenty of opportunities to buy Georgia Grown products. We have several markets that boast fresh produce and arts & crafts during the month, including the Macon State Farmers Market, the Mulberry Street Market at Tattnall Square Park, the First Saturday Village Market at Mercer Village, and the Wesleyan Market on Wesleyan College's campus.

Restaurants with Soul
Do not get us started on our food! While many destinations can boast delicious dishes, few can say they have food with soul. Comfort yourself with our soul food that always comes with a story. If you live in Macon, you know we have some good barbeque, too. It's hard to go wrong with any pick of one of our restaurants.

Our Art Scene
We have historic theatres that showcase Broadway talent and local orchestras, as well as nightclubs that showcase local talent and bands that cover every style from jazz to rock & roll. We also have great art galleries showcasing some of the world's most renowned artists.