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The Otis Redding Foundation

339 Cotton Avenue, Macon, GA 31201

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Otis Redding was dedicated to improving the quality of life for our community through the education and empowerment of its youth. With Dreams to Remember we honor his life by fulfilling his dream, “The Big “O” Youth Educational Dream Foundation,” now known as The Otis Redding Foundation. Established in 2007 by Mrs. Zelma Redding, The ʺOʺ Foundation with its roots in music, has created educational awareness programs in the arts and humanities . These programs encourage individual and team participation, build self-esteem and instill discipline. The Mini Museum offers a small peek into the life of Otis Redding, his accomplishments and many awards.

Hours are as follows:

Monday – Thursday: 11 am – 5pm

Friday: 1pm – 5pm

Saturday & Sunday – CLOSED

To honor Otis’ dream, The Otis Redding Foundation provides opportunities for youth to improve their academic performance by helping them make choices in life that enrich rather than endanger. By providing programs that ignite dreams in our future generation of leaders, we remain dedicated to connecting the universal relevance of music to serve as a catalyst for education, health, fitness and other youth oriented initiatives.